Room21Media for You

You’ve read Who We Are. Now…..

The most important question is, however,” What is Room21 to you?”

Sure, Room21 produces films, documentaries, television and reality programs, is running the global juggernaut called “Battle for the Stage,” where local bands compete on stage and on TV to win the big prize. For aspiring actors, Room21Media offers “Get A Role dot com.” Room21 Media also provides company branding and online stores.

Again, what is Room21 to you? The good news is, Room21 is whatever you dream it to be – for you, your cause, or your business.

Why is this good news? Because Room21 is a single technology platform, from which all of these amazing projects grew. How can a single technology platform cover all of these different, multiple and huge projects? The answer is, because at its heart, Room21 is a social commerce and social learning coupled with a film production company – the first to pioneer the blend of social learning technology and media production. It’s that simple.

Room 21 delivers rich multi-media social learning experiences through video, audio, and mobile technology so that your learning community becomes engaged with your product, cause, institution, or business.

Features of the Room21 Media Platform Include:

  • Market Ready Social Commerce Platform
  • Full Integration with Facebook and Google +
  • Branding through White Labeling
  • User and Community Engagement through embedded multi media channels
  • Fully functional Online Store
  • Advertising Support and Key Demographic Targeting
  • Support of the World’s First Online Goal Setting and Achievement Platform

Based on the success of this technology, and its wild popularity among kids and adults, members of Room21′s team realized this technology platform and ideals can work for anyone and anything. Using its founding principles, the platform has been replicated hundreds of times, transforming ideas and dreams into reality. The platform has literally gone from classrooms to the Hollywood Stage.

For example, a simple idea for a battle for the bands became a national band competition with accompanying reality show and venues across the world – solely based on a dream and the technology platform to actually make this a reality.

Room21 Media is experienced and innovative. We learn about your cause, business or idea and use our technology and personal experience to make your dream a reality.

Our story will be your story. Whatever your idea is – it will happen. Not just can – will.