Room 21®

Room 21® is the customizable, fully brandable collaboration and e-learning platform designed for social commerce. Our expertise in building and deploying a wide variety of social learning and e-commerce sites. Our Room 21 Platform will help you define, design, and deploy your social commerce, collaboration, and e-learning strategy.

Utilizing advanced proprietary technologies, Room 21® will deliver rich multi-media learning experiences through video, audio, and mobile technology so that your community becomes engaged with your product, cause, institution, or business.

My Dream Machine®

My Dream Machine® is an online program that manages and teaches students to: create dreams and goals, to set specific benchmarks for their dreams and goals. In addition, My Dream Machine® provides updates of dream status and progress while leveraging the support of the users’ dream team.

  • Our World Edition is an open network that integrates to Facebook©, Yahoo©, Twitter©, and Google© networks.
  • Our School Edition is a safe, secure network for private communities to learn goal setting.

Battle for the Stage™

Battle for the Stage™ - Get your shot to take the stage! Participate in Local and Regional events and your band gets a shot to play at the Main Stage.

A portion of all proceeds are supporting bring Arts and Music back to Schools! ~~Every Band, Every Fan, and Every Venue will be making a difference to save Arts and Music in Schools.