Our Technology

Our proprietary software platform utilizes an internal replication technology, proprietary algorithms for “smart” ad delivery via Big Data Mining, and is specifically branded for each community or project such as television, film, event, online contest, or any other content we produce and distribute. The platform is a SAAS (software as a service) revenue model facilitating social media collaboration and the delivery of content.



We plan to provide new ways for the industry (healthcare, entertainment, and business) to interact and deliver content. We have developed a propriety software platform designed to interact with audiences and online communities through social collaboration with the delivery of compelling content. Our platform contains the underlying functionality that allows for the delivery of content in any digital format.Key highlights of our platform include:

  • Market ready social collaboration and commerce platform
  • Full integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Users can log in with their Facebook account and post stories, activities and achievements to their Facebook wall
  • Integrated “smart” ads deployed via Proprietary Algorithms and Big Data Mining to highly targeted demographic information based on user’s interactions and future goals
  • Ability to white label the user interface for branding purposes
  • Increases user engagement by providing relevant tools and learning opportunities with email, blogging, video, collaboration tools, music composition, and goal setting
  • Full featured goal achievement system for creating and managing goals
  • Automated payment system for subscriptions, content, and virtual product purchases