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Room 21 Platforms for Healthcare

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Want to get ouf of pain? Correct your posture; feel better & enjoy life.

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“Healthy Posture” class expands to the world-wide web with miraculous testimonies from KCSG.com on Vimeo.

Room 21 Platforms for Business

Welcome to Nspired Networking Enterprises

It's time to Nspire!! Our unique, social learning and membership platform allows you to participate in online classes, seminars, and workshops.

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Nspired Networking Enterprises, LLC is a corporate training, keynote speaking and consulting enterprise focused on helping businesses and business professionals maximize their referral networking activities. We focus on the client’s needs and tailor our services to effectively and efficiently develop networking strategies for maximum results.

Room 21 Platforms for Education

Room 21

Room 21™ is an Online Social Learning Platform where all the members of the learning community (Students, Parents, Teachers, and Administrators) become engaged in the 21st century learning process.

Districts and schools that use Room 21™ are transformed quickly and easily into anytime learning communities that extend beyond the walls of the traditional school room or school day.

Room 21 Media

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Room 21 Media

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Room 21 Media

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